Carriage return in "pub.string:messageFormat"

Hi guys.

I really need the help of the community on this one. My problem is pretty simple:
I’m iterating over a list of objects (containing 3 strings each, name ID and comment) with a loop, and trying to stick them all in the same string. So far, so good. i’m using messageFormat to format my 3 strings that way: {0} ({1}) - {2}. (0:name, 1:id and 2:comment).

Pseudo code to explain:

Loop over /comments{
commentFormated = messageFormat(,comment.ID,comment.text);
finalString = concat(finalString,commentFormated);

The problem is that I’d love to insert a carriage return at the end of each line, to have something like this:
Name (ID) - Comment
Name (ID) - Comment
Name (ID) - Comment

For now, i just have:
Name (ID) - CommentName (ID) - CommentName (ID) - Comment…

And I just can’t find the way. I guess it’s pretty simple (if even possible), but I’d appreciate if you could give me a hint :wink:

Thanks in advance!