Capturing error in XML

I am receiving an XML post, and am recording in the error log ‘…[B2BCORE.0042.9327] Expecting STXT2 got E1EDL36’.
Obviously there is a problem with the XML from my partner. The flow stops (without an exception) immediatley after the documentToRecord. I savePipelineToFile immediately before documentToRecord, but there is nothing in the pipeline (just the fileName).
How can I see the XML being submitted?

If you can, you should ask your partner to provide you with the xml data that he is submitting. Seems like a data issue.
Good Luck!


VR is right and, based on your explanation, it sounds like the partner is not properly naming the FORM variable or not properly giving it a value.

Communicate with your client that the variable name to which he associates with the XML string must be identical to the variable name that you are using in your pipleine to receive the string.