can't see list of stored procedures

I get this error when trying to create a stored procedure adapter service. Would this be more likely a driver issue or a permission issue on the db, or something else? I can see all the procs in TOAD with the same user id:

Failed to create the adapter service.

com.webmethods.developer.adapter.metadata.AdapterMetadataException: [ART.114.243] Adapter Runtime (Metadata): Failed to run resourceDomainLookupValues service. Details provided in error log.
[ADA.1.318] Cannot get the list of catalogs. "
(08000/17410) No more data to read from socket"
No more data to read from socket
on procedure.catalogName [Ljava.lang.String;@f65ce5

java.lang.Exception: Adapter values are not available.

Update - there was some sort of error in the connection. we rebooted and it works now :slight_smile: