can't invoke a webservice which includes collection

Inside IS, I invoke a webservice (rpc style) of addSubscriberAccount method , IS server can not discover some types so it gives error.
Although, wsdl is correct, some of the types are ambiguous.

Problem occurs at subscriptionIds and subscriptions of addSubsriberAccount method of web service which you can see sample wsdl and soap input section of it below:

WSDL snippet of the ambiguous elements (from soap-rpc-ri/internal namespace):

XML input snippet:


How can I handle this inside IS developer? IS cannot produce the required input soap message. IS instead generates an IS doc type for the payload, but leaves subscriptionIds and subscriptions as a generic object type. We suspect the SOAP encoding from the WS connector should properly encode the document in the SOAP body, complete with the namespaces and SOAP-ENC attributes, but can’t seem to see this working. There is very little information on this, since the documentation on WS connectors does not go into WSDL/XSD mappings.