Can't connect to database

When creating a new TaminoConnection I recieve this exception:

Index was outside the bounds of the array.

This also happens when I run the samples.

Is this Tamino 8?
Unfortunately there was a fault with the shipped implementation that was fixed by a hotfix. You will need to acquire the hotfix to resolve this issue.

Hi Mark,

I also get the same exception (Index was outside the bounds of the array) when I create a new instance of the TaminoConnection class.

My system environment:

  • Win Vista SP2
  • VS 2008
  • Tamino Server 8.0.0
  • TaminoAPI.dll (File version: / Date Modified: 04.12.2008 23:37:30)

What can I do?

Please contact support for the hotfix. This will include a corrected .NET API implementation.