can't commit transaction

JDBC Adapter 6.5, transaction type is LOCAL_TRANSACTION ,
my flow service as below:
SEQUENCE(exit on success)
–SEQUENCE(exit on failure)
----call jdbc adapter service to insert
–SEQUENCE(exit on done)

i get the following error msg when executes:
[ART.114.303] Adapter Runtime (Transaction): Unable to commit transaction.

but i find the data have been insert to the database, it seem the transaction have not started. how to solve it. Thanks advance.

If you are running the service in trace mode then u’ll get this error:

The whole transaction is considered as an atomic unit of execution. If you use stepping function, the transaction will be executed in different thread and thus different context, which causes the transaction failure. If you run the whole transaction as a single step, it should be run properly.

If you need more information about the implicit transaction (which is configuration on the connection level) and explicit transaction (which is done using art services), you can refer to the JMS adapter user’s guide Appendix A, or JDBC adapter user’s guide Appendix C.


Hi, Mratala,

Thanks. it doesn’t throw any exception when i run the following as a single step. but i found out the transaction don’t work. it call to roll back the transaction after insert by calling jdbc adapter, but the data have been insert to the database,
and it didn’t throw any error message. My database is Oracle 9i. please advice, thanks a lot.


if you are using the rollback transation, I presume you are doing in the following way

MAIN ( exit on Success)
TRY(exit on failure)
Logic to start, commit transaciton
CATCH(exit on Done)
get last error,
roll back transaction.

The get last error should capture the error details.

please take care of one thing … dont drop variable… bcoz wen comiiting or rool backing… it cant find those…


Check to see if you are passing a valid transaction value to the startTransaction call.