Cannot get the Sequencer Tool running?

Hi, I installed the Mediator 7.2.1, and the installation seems fine. Able to get the host manager running, and able to run all the sample applications found in http://localhost:8080/mediator . But when I try to run the sequencer tool, it gave an error as below

D:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX XML Mediator 7.2.1\host\bin>echo off
… set ORCHESTRATOR_ROOT to c:/Sag/Orchestrator
checking for XBD_JAVA_HOME
… using java from "D:\j2eesdk1.4_beta2\jdk\bin\java"
XBD_JAVA_HOME … D:\j2eesdk1.4_beta2\jdk
JAVA_HOME … D:\j2eesdk1.4_beta2\jdk
RUN_JAVA … “D:\j2eesdk1.4_beta2\jdk\bin\java”
… Environment variables are set
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Files\Software

ERROR: Failed to Start the Mediator Sequencer Tool…

Press any key to continue . . .

May I know wats the problem??


Most likely your web server is Tomcat and you its installation path includes spaces, e.g. “C:\Program Files…”. This is a known problem with some version of Tomcat.

If this does not help, please post the settings of your “XBD_” environment variables.

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Yep, my web server is tomcat 4.1.27.

Here are the environment variables
D:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX XML Mediator 7.2.1\host



But the strange thing is that the host manager can run and I can run all the sample applications which also uses Tomcat.

Hi KooKie,

What is the install path for your Tomcat? If that path contains spaces, try moving it to a path without spaces.

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Tried using D:\Tomcat4118 as the directory, but still encounter the same problem. After much debugging, finally found the solution.

It’s actually due to the path of the mediator installation. I install it under D:\Software AG\EntireX XML Mediator 7.2.1\ and this causes the problem!!! I uninstall mediator, and reinstall it using the default installation path of C:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX XML Mediator 7.2.1, now then the sequencer works…

Guess you guys can help look into it, whether u can recreate this sequencer problem if install under a non-default path.

Hi KooKie,

Thanks for the information. We will look into it.

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