Cannot generate web service connector

I am not able to generate a web service connector, it throws a eexception.

Can anybody help. I have pasted the entire web service. I am using webMethods 6.1

<In-line WSDL file deleted by moderator>

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Product.wsdl (7.6 k)

I have uploaded the wsdl file

Hello newuser,
what was the source of the wsdl?

All the errors in generating the wsdl seems to be “unable to find the root element”.

You can use a WSDL validator to find any problems you may have with the WSDL (eg. XMLSPY or WSVT from eclipse)

If you are not able to get the correct version from the source or any validation tool, let us know.


I have noticed its not a valid wsdl since all the tags in the file should start and end with “wsdl” for example:

  • <wsdl:types>
  • </wsdl:types> etc…

Please check with your source side people who have made this WSDL document exposed.


New user,

It appears that you created your WSDL by viewing it your browser and copying the text directly from the browser. This included the hyphens used by the browser to format the view. Use the File-Save As command instead to make a copy of the WSDL on your file system.

That copy should be able to be read by IS and other soap clients.


hey RMG,
not sure abt this… but is “wsdl” namespace ( wsdl: ) required/mandatory for WSDLs used by webMethods?

let me know…


  • Saurabh.

yes “wsdl:” is required for all the elements like which i have mentioned above…
may be the Mark comments applicable for this issue.


In our case we got the wsdl file prefix with “WSDL:” for some tags and this is not generated using Developer tool but its generated using some weblogic application tool.

So it sounds “WSDL:” prefix is not mandatory for a valid WSDL,its new learn for me.


And thats what makes wMUsers ROCK !! (among several others reasons)

We learn new things in process of helping others.