Cannot find method org.apache.xpath.objects.XNodeSet.exist

Hi, all

your help is needed.

When I use a XSLT service to parse a XML file, i get the error

Cannot find method org.apache.xpath.objects.XNodeSet.exist([ExpressionContext,])

In my XSLT file, I used fn:exists(…) and seems the problem is here. I guess the IS cannot find the implmentation of exists(), is my guess correct?

I also find that in the “About” of my IS, the Server Classpath does not contains xalan.jar, it only has opt/webMethods65/IntegrationServer/lib/jars/xercesImpl.jar, is it the root cause?

Your help is greatly appreicated. Thanks.

Anyone can help me… ? :uhoh:

fn:exists function will not work with WM6.5 or 7.1, as WM doesn’t support xslt 2.0 or xpath 2.0 functions.

WM8.0 will change to a SAXON-B processor and this will support xslt2.0 functionalities.

Thanks for your information. I finally use count() to test the occurence of that node. Thanks.