Cannot execute webnethods webservice fault handler


I am trying to execute a webMethods webservice fault handler.

Steps I have taken as follows:

1> I created a SOAP 1.2 webservice descriptor for both consumer and provider.
2> Then I created a fault handler flow service
3> Registered the fault handler service using “pub.soap.handler:registerWmConsumer” and
4> Then I added the above fault handlers in provider WSD and consumer WSD.
5> Then I refreshed the consumer WSD connectors.
6> but I am unable to execute fault handler. Do I need to set any fault code “3”? if yes how to do it in code?

Can someone provide me with a sample example code on webservice fault handler.

What is the error you are getting when trying to run the WSD from soapUI?


I am not getting any error.
My operation adds two integers.
When i give proper input its running fine ans no error is coming , but fault handler service is not getting executed.
But when i give character input it gives error , which is quite obvious. But in this scenerio also fault handler is not executing