Cannot execute webnethods webservice fault handler.


I am trying to execute a webmethods webservice fault handler.

Steps I have taken as follows:

1> I created a SOAP 1.2 webservice descriptor for both consumer and provider.
2> Then I created a fault handler flow service
3> Registered the fault handler service using “pub.soap.handler:registerWmConsumer” and
4> Then I added the above fault handlers in provider WSD and consumer WSD.
5> Then I refreshed the consumer WSD connectors.
6> but I am unable to execute fault handler. Do I need to set any fault code “3”? if yes how to do it in code?

Hi Sandeep,

I’m not really sure about the code since it can vary based on the requirements, however I was recently reading about Fault Handler and I found the document below which might give you some ideas as it explains SOAP Fault Handler in details.

Please refer to the document below: (keep in mind it’s for wM v9.7)

Hope it helps.

Roham Zaferanlo

Is your WS hitting the fault code scenario when you said it’s not working with the logic?

Did you make sure the handler is registered with no errors and also try to restart the IS for proper loading and monitor the error/server logs for any issues:



I am also same issue. fault handler service not getting executed.

Hope you have again registered the handler after the changes. Give a try.

Thanks for reply.

we tried 3 - 4 times but everytime same issue. fault service not getting identified.

Do you mind creating a new thread/topic with all the required details? It will help to understand the issue better so we can suggest you some workaround or a solution to your problem.

Hello Mahesh,

here is the new thread which I have created.