Cannot Config SVN on IS

I config SVN from
But I cnnot config repository location
(in WebMethod Folder, I have packages folder)
it appears
Error in subversion configuration

How can I config it

PS. I use WebMethod 9.6

I try to use Local Service Development, but it still get problem too. (It appear picture that I attach)


I see you are using wM 9.6 but the error says wM 8.2?

I use wM 9.6. But I don’t know why it said 8.2.

the link you posted in your first message tells you to configure SVN with WmVCS not local service development.

both are different feature and works in entirely different way.

Go through documentation and how to setup local service development.


Are you able to resolve the issue?

Your subversion repository URL should have correct path, otherwise you will get error? Do you see any error in logs? If yes, please post it, also paste Repository path alone here.

Dear Bara,
Now, I can use Local Service Development to sync svn.
But I cannot use VCS Package in IS to sync SVN.
PS. I use IS 9.7 already.

Local service development and usage of the VCS package in IS are mutually exclusive. With local service development feature the version control is moved to eclipse, so you can use any eclipse plugin doing versioning.