Cannot call the service with right input if the input type is Object

Hi Team,

I have a service that takes input as an Object and in the pipeline convert this object to document. This service calling by 3rd party application. I have the request body as JSON. When I try to call that service with using postman it seems like I cannot send that input object. I tried to change Content Type as “application/json” and “text/plain” but it didn’t work.

How can I send data as Object?

Any recommendation appreciated.


A node object is a representation of an XML document that the IS content handlers create when a client invokes a service. The translation of the XML string to the node object is automatic when the Content-Type of the posted data is text/xml or application/xml (and others).

JSON cannot be posted to that service and have a node variable created. For JSON, the content handlers use different variables to pass to your service. Refer to the documentation for details.

A service can be created that will accept either XML or JSON, you just need to understand what variables will be placed in the pipeline for you and use BRANCHing in your service to determine what was sent.

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