Cannot associate groups in CentraSite via LDAP

We have successfully completed and proved authentication via LDAP by configuring CentraSite to use LDAP but when we try a pull back groups i.e. create a Group and then associate, nothing is returned and no error other than there are no groups matching.

We did not setup a TechUser although there is no indication that this is a pre-requisite.

Having search the big wide web and scoured the tech manuals we are now at a loss…

Anybody any suggestions?

What version are you using? What is your LDAP directory? What are you using for the group id and description?

Solved but…

You need the TechnicalUser and are required to pull in the users exposed by LDAP and register them in CentraSite


Hi Experts ,

I am working on centrasite 9.8 version. I had configured the LDAP successfully on CE and able to pull the users from LDAP to Centrasite . I was trying to pull the groups from LDAP to CE using option " Bulk option to import external groups " and CE is not able to pull groups from LDAP directory(OPen LDAP)

Do I miss any parameter in the Jaas.configuration file ? please suggest me .

Is there any option to automatically synch up the LDAP users and groups to CE ? I mean , every time If any new users are added in the LDAP groups then the users has to login into CE controller and Business UI and it should not require to manually pull the users from external resource on CE . how can we do it , can you please suggest .

Thanks & Regards,