Canbus devices

I have a virtual canbus interface Simulator setup (vcan0) on my linux vm, How do I create a can bus device in Cumulocity to use it

You need an agent to integrate it Cumulocity IoT.

As you have a linux OS, best way to start might be There is no canbus plugin available yet but would be a good starting point to install and write a small canbus plugin to map the data to the local mqtt broker so it can be directly forwarded to Cumulocity IoT (or other clouds).

hi @Stefan_Witschel I have installed on my ubuntu can I create a canbus plugin to map the virtual can interface (vcan) data to mosquitto, Any tutorial for creating it or any articles about it ?
also the data generated is using the command

cangen vcan0

and output using:
candump vcan0
vcan0 202 [3] A3 3A 56
vcan0 301 [7] FD D9 8A 22 FE 45 94
vcan0 75B [8] 01 9E F3 10 3F B6 5E 45
vcan0 2EE [3] 28 77 CD
vcan0 68F [3] 8D A5 A5
vcan0 1EE [4] 82 31 96 79
vcan0 603 [5] D7 75 49 6E 8C
vcan0 75C [8] AE AE 52 4C 5E 21 EE 2E
vcan0 4AD [2] 3A 89
vcan0 389 [7] AD C5 E3 0
I have to map such data to Cumulocity

You need any component written in the programming language of your choice to

  1. get the data of your canbus. e.g. In python you can easily call shell commands and work with the output
  2. map & send the data to the thin-edge MQTT API
    For that you need to implement a MQTT client that connects to the local MQTT Broker of and send the data to the right topic and format so it can be processed in Cumulocity IoT.

Here are some examples:

Maybe you can also start to understands the basic concepts of Concepts | Thin-edge

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