Canbt see SAP adapter outbound transactions for oubound IDocs


We’re currently implementing a flow sending IDocs from IS 6.0.1 to SAP using SAP adapter 4.6

We made a routing rule to in WmPartners to send IDocs according to Sender Receiver and Message Type fields and post the IDoc using Inbound flow service.

The IDocs are correctly sent to SAP (can see them using SAP ALE Monitoring). Nevertheless we cannot see the corresponding transactions logged using Routing->Transaction web interface.

It’s strange because I was told that IDoc were sent using tRFC protocol and used the WmPartners message store for recovery in case of failure during delivery to SAP.

Is there a way to have outbound IDocs use message store to have guaranteed delivery to SAP ?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Jean,
By any chance did you use “OutboundProcess” to post IDocs in SAP. This will neither log anything in the Transaction log nor will use the routing rule to process the outbound request.

To log the Outbound requests, we generally do the following :
Establish a Routing rule with type ALE (R/3 IDOC) and enter the SAP Server name.

Pass the the IDoc control and data records to the “InboundProcess” which in turn derives the sender, receiver and message type and in turn will file the message out of the gateway. This procedure will log the transaction details and the status also.

Hope this helps
Bhavani Shankar.

Thanks for your answer Bhavani,
Actually the problem was due to a xtn.log file corrupted on my IS.
I deleted the file and wM recreated it, afterwhat I could see the transactions.

Do you know if the SAP adapter retries to send outbound IDOCs in case of SAP failure ?
A wMUser gave me a service that returns all transactions rolled back in the message store of WmPartners and resubmit those transactions.

But I was wandering if such a feature is already provided by SAP adapter “out-of-the-box” ?

Thanks for your help


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