Canbt receive the value from the published document

IS 6.1

I have one publishable document �Doc01�, one flow �publishDoc01� to publish that document, one flow �receiveDoc01� to receive this document and a trigger �triger01� to invoke �receiveDoc01�.

When I run �publishDoc01�, I can see that �receiveDoc01� is invoked but it can�t get the value from �publishDoc01�. I put �Doc01� as the input of �receiveDoc01�, then, I map �Doc01/str01� to debuglog,

Could anyone help me out of this?
Thank you!

Rename your document to specify the complete namespace.

eg, receiveDoc01 should have a input document(or reference) named <namespace>:Doc01 which is the one that should be mapped subsequently.

Sekay, thanks a lot!