Canbt publish IS web service using Fabric console

I created an addInts flow service that could be invoked via Soap RPC. I also created a flow service that would invoke addInts when invoked by a request submitted in a Soap Message.

I used the “Browse Services” utilities in the WmWsTools package to generate WSDL files for each (default for the rpc service and custom for the doc lit one).

I attempted to use the Fabric console to publish both the Soap RPC version and the Soap Message version. I clicked on the “Publish New Service” button and pasted in the URLs referencing the WSDL files I generated. After clicking submit the “Service Details” panel was displayed but was empty. No error messages were displayed


  • Can Fabric Beta 2 be used to published IS web services at this point? []Are both Soap RPC and Soap Message styles supported? []What am I doing wrong?