Can wM service be called from screen

I’m currently using IS 4.6 (moving quickly to 6.0) to integrate batched flat files into an Oracle 8i database. We are planning to pull transaction from a table to build outgoing files using the scheduler. In the event that we need to resend a file to a customer, we currently have a screen that the customer uses to trigger a resend–up till now this has just been used to kick off PL/SQL package that populates a header table with new header, relates it to old header, then re-pulls necessary transactions. Can we re-use this same screen to kick off a wM service that does the same? Open to alternatives too.

I am assuming by “screen” you mean an HTML page?

Because every service in every active package can be accessed via a URL, you are able to specify the tag ACTION value as equal to "http://serverhost:serverport/invoke/path/to/your:service".

If you have variables that you need to pass to the service, add to the FORM as required. Make sure that these same variable names are the names required as input(s) to your service.

Let me know if I missed the point of your question.

You can also invoke a service directly with no HTML page by typing the URL Dan gave directly into the browser as you do for surfing - using name/value pairs to add your input parameters if any. You can even bookmark this link for future use.
Or browse to your service via the ‘Packages’ link in the IS Administrator and click the Test link.

Or, if your screen is Java-based or supports COM objects, you can directly invoke the webMethods Flow from that client.