Can we update existing API in API gateway using latest version swagger

Hello Community
I know how to create new API in API Gateway (v 10.11) using swagger file but I am not sure if we can update existing API (e.g update its resources or schemas etc) using revised/updated version of swagger or not?

I would appreciate if experts in community can let me know if update of existing version of an API is possible by using latest version swagger? or do we need to import latest swagger as different version of same API instead?


hi @Mubarik
Yes we can update the API using revised swagger. Click on update and overwrite existing API by importing file or URL

Vikash Sharma

Thanks @Vikash_Sharma1 for your response & sharing relevant screenshot. I appreciate.

As an FYI, Chapter 3 in the webMethods API Gateway User’s Guide has a section named “Updating APIs” that covers this topic.

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