Can we have table joins in basic notifications?


I am facing a scenario wherein i have a basic notification on a table and i have to use a join for another table in the same basic notification.
So i am doing select t1.X,t2.Y,t2.Z where t1.X=t2.X.

However when i enable this notification, the data is not picked up,nor are the rows deleted.
My question is are joins permissible in Basic notifications.
If yes, will the data be deleted from the buffer table on which the basic notification is configured?


Hi Kiran,

We can have joins for the basic notification.
On any event you can trigger a DB trigger to fill data into the buffer table.
This DB trigger may fetch data using join of 2 tables or complex joins.

In the basic notification, check the box “Delete Selected Rows” and specify “RecordID Column” on basis of which the row would be deleted from buffer.
It is better if you have a primary key which you can specify in the “RecordID Column”

Hope this helps.