Can we have different IS JVMs for different app?


Can we have different JVMs devoted to different applications in IS ? With many application teams using the same JVM it is difficult to find out whose code is impacting whom. In Weblogic there is a concept of managed server and each application can have their own manage server JVM. What am I missing if any ?


Yes you are definitely missing something. :proud: webMethods IS and Weblogic have no relation except they both start with W. Java services in webMethods IS should be an exception and certainly would not need separate JVM’s . webMethods IS is an Integration platform not a J2EE application server. J2EE folks sometimes stuggle a bit with webMethods because they try and apply their app server frameworks to webMethods. Apples and oranges.

Thanks Mark, but don’t you “deploy” services in IS ?

You deploy webMethods IS packages which are not equivelent to Java packages, it’s an abstraction of that concept. There is no segmentation of developer resources in the since that each developer would have their own runtime env to develop in. You can setup different IS instances for different business segmentations which is probably a good idea.

you can still do it if you manage to deploy each application (assume a package or set of packages) under independent IS server…Its like owning one house for each family member

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