Can we connect TWO or More Brokers to on IS?


Can we connect TWO or More Brokers to on IS? Can someone explain how to do this?


only one, sorry

Is there a particular issue you’re looking to address? Perhaps we can suggest alternatives.

Actually, you can do this in 7.1 using the JMS Aliases.

You can also use the JMS adapter to connect to multiple Brokers (as JMS providers) prior to 7.1.


Thanks for all responses.


Can someone give me the general steps to do that.(I mean connct two brokers)

Refer to the JMS materials appropriate for the version of IS you are using.

I’m not completely sure you are headed down the right path, you may be. But perhaps as Rob suggested you could explain a little of what you are trying to accomplish and we can perhaps could offer some suggestions that might make more sense for what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to achieve some sort of active/active cluster with the multiple brokers? Are you trying to bypass the gateway/territory feature already built-into the broker system? The JMS adapter is okay but it’s not going to give you the same feature set as the IS dispatcher to Broker does. I’m not sure about the 7.1 JMS implementation and how it interacts with the dispatcher.

Both of these JMS options are okay for some things but not for others. Again it depends on what you are trying to do.

For 7.1:

  • Create a JMS alias
  • Add multiple Brokers in the Broker List field
  • Reference the JMS alias when creating a trigger (sub) or calling the
    publish service

It’s documented in more detail in webMethods Integration Server JMS Client Developer’s Guide 7.1.