Can�t enable adapter polling notification on both servers

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We have a clustered environment, can�t enable adapter-polling notification (insert notification) on both server. On one server I have enabled and when I�m trying to enable in other server it�s giving a message— objects already exist. Can anybody pls let me know how can I enable this adapter notification on other also and what could be the reason behind this? Though now all records are being processed but it may cause problem in future during fail over support.

IS ver- 6.1
JDBC Ver- 6.0.3
Oracle Ver- 8.1.7

Thanks for your help.


Without applying updates to IS 6.1 the following from the JDBC Adapter Users guide applies:

“When using the JDBC Adapter�s polling notifications in a clustered environment, you
may only enable a single instance of a given notification on one Integration Server within the cluster.” (see page 50 for the full details).

IS 6.1 Fix 6 (which is included in Service Pack 1 for IS 6.1) adds cluster aware functionality to JDBC Notifications.

Have a read of the JDBC Users Guide for information on configuring the notifications, and consider applying SP1 to gain access to the new cluster aware functionality of notifications.


We are encountering the same problems with clustered JDBC polling notifications.

We have installed SP1 on IS6.1 which includes Fix-6 for this issue.

In the documentation, and in the forums, I see references to the following server-wide settings (I imagine these are extended settings)

However, when I look in extended settings, I only have the following settings:

Are these settings equivalent? Should I add the previous settings manually ?

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