can not view portlet content in MWS

Hi webmehtods Gurus,

Iam currently playing around with webmethods 7.1, I have created a sample portlet and published to Mywebmethods(portal server). I tried to view the portlet using the following URL:

iam getting the following error:

[POP.007.0006] Requested content was not found: “/CAFDemo/portletDemo1/default.view”

the problem is i can see the portlet in MWS, but i can not see the content.

Any help is highly appreciated.


To run your portlet browse to the folder → System → Your Project → Your Portlet.

Zubair, Thanks for your quick reply.

Actullay i do not understand where you are referrring to? Is it in Designer??if yes, i couldn’t find the path.

please help me out.


I think it should be MWS as sysAdmin login

yes allen is right you can even browse this from your designer through MWSAdmin view