Can not start IS on AIX

First hello together,
I’m new here in this forum and start with following:

I installed the IS on AIX with a non root user. When I want to start the IS in IntegrationServer/bin with I got this error message

The java class is not found: com/wm/app/server/Main

When i start the script in IntegrationServer/bin from IntegrationServer/lib/ directory it works but this is not the solution I want.

Hope I can find here a solution for my problem.

regards Kim

Hi Kim,

Can you check what is the value for IS_DIR in your file?

It should reflect the Integration Server location on your system.


hello Rodrigo,

thank your for the answer,
I checked the IS_DIR value and it is correct. When i try to start with the root user it works. also from the directory IntegrationServer/lib
Should maybe a path problem.

regards Kim

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