can not lock for edit

I got a problem to lock for edit in developer. Here is the situation.

In Integration Server 6.01, under packages\ management, I make a package to be an archive. Then I reinstalled Integration server. After this, I manually unzip archive package to the IS package directory and then restart integration server. Everything is fine, I can see package in developers and can run them and even edit them. However, if right click on any service under this package, all of options, like “lock for edit”, “lock status”, “Unlock” etc, except “view server files”, are gray out. I log in as either developers or Administrator but nothing change. Would someone please help me to know what I did wrong?

Thanks lot!

Check to see if any of the files in that package (particularly under the “ns” directory) are read-only.

Also, if the services are Java services, see if there is a java.frag file in the correct /ns/folderName/folderName/serviceName directory. The java.frag file is the one that is used by Developer to edit the source.

If there is not java.frag file, but there is a code/source/folderName/ file, you can regenerate the java.frag files using the jcode.bat file.

I recently ran into the same problem. We use clearcase for source control. Once a service is checked in source control, it will show system locked. Somehow I didn’t see system lock anymore. And I couldn’t lock for edit anymore even I check out the service (i.e. with write permission.)

I deleted the repository (i.e. deleted all files in IntegrationServer\WmRepository2). And this trick fixed the problem.

System locks can be removed by making the server side files of the element as redable.right Click on the elemet in developer which is system locked.and choose the lock properties. It will display the server side files for the element.Make the files as readable and click the referesh button in the developer.You will find that the element is no more locked.