Can IS be exposed as an sFTP server

Dear All,

Can Integration Server 6.1 (or any other version) be exposed as an sFTP server?

If not, is there any other suggested work around to make it an sFTP server, without using external server? If an sFTP server is exposed to client, and we retrive files from that server, the hops will be more. Can we have something like what we do with JBoss, a simple package load and presto we have an App Server with us.

Any third party tool or utility too is welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Anil Kurnool

Hi Anil

This issue was discussed in depth in this thread:





WebMethods 6.5 is going to provide support for RFC2228 SFTP/AS3 standard out of the box. You’d need to do some custom development, if you want to use this sftp in a reverseinvoke environment.


I went through some documentation on the advantage, and ftps is supported however sftp is not… any one have the 6.5 documentation for the sftp support ?