Can I use a String variable in the tamino.query() method?

HI everyone,

I wanted to know if something like
String str= “//accessory[name=“brush”]”;

String str1="//accessory[price=“12000”]";

and then do something like
tamino.query(str interect str1);
Please let me know…Im new to Tamino… :slight_smile:
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I noticed that all your postings are “Poll Questions”.
You should not use the “Poll Qustion” feature for normal questions. “Poll Questions” only make sense, if you offer different choices and want to get a voting from other people.

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Christian Gengenbach.

Regarding your question:
The answer to the question is Yes. The query() method expects a string, so you may put everything between the brackets, which evaluates to a String.

However, I’m not sure if that is what you wanted to know. You did not explain, what you want to achieve with the given sample code. What is “str interect str1”?