Can I suppress the pop-up window after inserting a file to T


I found that in the Tamino Interactive Interface, a Tamino response in XML format will always display in a separate frame after a file insertion. And in the Web application that I develop, where no target frame is explicitly specified, the response will still display in a forced pop-up browse window.

I am wondering if this is an inherent feature of Tamino API.

In fact I don’t hope to show the response message, whether the insertion is successful or not successful, but handle the response in a more graceful way.

Can I suppress the pop-up window?

Thank you for your help.

Wang Nan

Hello Wang Nan,

The TII simply posts the request to Tamino using a form and the response from that request is displayed in the separate frame. No Tamino API is used in the TII.

Which API are you referring to, and what popup do you mean? Can you provide more details?

Best regards,

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.