Can a Centrasite Admin set up Favorites for a Role?

Hello Everyone
I am trying to do the following in our Centrasite ActiveSOA environment, version: 8.0 (moving to 8.2 shortly).

  • My User Id belongs to Centrasite Administrator Role.
  • I would like to create some Favorites (for example: Save the search for a specific asset type etc.)
  • Then I would like to assign these Favorites to all the users who belong to a certain Role (example: Guest Role), so that when a user with that role logs in he/she sees these Favorites in their “Home or Welcome” page.

Is there any way to do this (without custom coding)?
If so, please give me details on how to do this?

I appreciate your help


we have a demo plugin for 8.2 for that purpose. It’s currently available here:

We will shortly launch officially the CentraSite section of the wiki, but the plugin can already grabbed there.


Thank you Daniel. I will try it shortly.
I appreciate your help.


Hi Daniel
If I try this solution on Centrasite 8.0 SP1, do you know if this will work as it does for Centrasite 8.2 SP1?