Calling Web Service via soapUI in debug mode

Hi guys!

I created a simple service and exposed it as a Web Service. I added a breakpoint at the first step of the flow and I debugged directly from the designer. It works just fine. However, when I try to call this service via soapUI, it doesn’t stop at the first step. It just returns me the response.

Can somebody help me solve this issue, please?

I’m using version 9.9 + Linux.

Thank’s in advance.

Hi Filipe,

I am not sure, but I think that this is not possible.

Breakpoints are only available inside the Designer.
When calling the WebService via SoapUI it is executed on the IntegrationServer directly, which does not have the informations about the breakpoints available.

Lets see what other members are thinking about this.


It’s a duplicate thread, I have replied to your other thread for the same subject. Kindly don’t create duplicates :smiley:


Sorry, guys.

This thread can be removed.