Calling stored procedure from JAVA service...?

Hi Wm users,

I have an urgent requirement like, we need to create a java service to call a stored procedure, as i haven’t developed any JAVA service till, could someone please explain how to write a JAVA service class to call a stored procedure.

We knew using FLOW and JDBC…but we need to create a separate JAVA class.

Thanks in Advance… Quick response would be appreciated

Please could someone send me the java service code to call stored procedure, it’s really helpful to me


Why you need Java Svc to do the SP call any specific reason?

Agree. Don’t use a Java Service. Just create a JDBC adapter service to do this.

Calling a stored procedure from a Java service isn’t really a “requirement.” At best it is a design decision.

In any case, the way to call a stored procedure from within Integration Server would be to use a JDBC adapter service. I don’t see any value/need in making the call from a Java service.

Thank you RMG, Reamon & Mark for all your suggestions.

I have actually developed WM service using JDBC adapter for stored procedure invocation and made my entire interface as web service as per client requirment. However, Interface is now in production and performence is really really slow.

Hence, now i was asked to develop JDBC call or connecting to DB through java service and run stored procedure so i have no option other then developing a java service for the client now.

Kindly advice few high level procedure to develop java service so i can proceed further.


What leads you to conclude that it is the use of the JDBC adapter service is what makes it slow? IMO, it will not be any faster using a Java service. The slowness is likely to be somewhere else. Only profiling/testing will determine where the bottleneck is. Do not make assumptions.

Yes I agree with Rob…Please check with your DBA about why SP slowness /response times and tune up the JDBC connection if necessary:


Hi RMG, reamon and mark

we (project members)had somany interactive sessions/calls on this issue, Finally Business IM’s and DBA decided the main cause of this slow perfomance is not because of JDBC Adapters(weMethods) that we are using presently.

Even I mention the words/suggestions from you people, it been really helpful.

Now, we stick to JDBC Adapters service only, to call procedure,