calling flow service through https ssl certificates without credentials


I am calling flow service through https post method between two integration servers. This is working good with credentials.

As part of my POC i need to make a https call only with certificates and should skip credentials.

In order to make it work I followed the below steps:

Changed https port to ‘Request client certificates’ in the target server. But getting exception.

Is there any more steps required?

Chandra K

Hi Chandra ,

If I get your requirement correctly you want to execute a flow service based on Client Certificate Authentication .

There is a good blog article written by someone , which describes step by step process to achieve it.

Please find the link mentioned below :

Thanks to the writer of the blog , good and well written.


These are as well 2 valuable resources regarding certificate usage in webMethods IS:

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HI Chandra,

you have to select “Require Client Certificates”, if you are looking only certification based authentication

Request Client Certificates
Integration Server requests client certificates for all requests. If the client does not provide a certificate, the server prompts the client for a userid and password

Require Client Certificates
Integration Server requires client certificates for all requests.

refer HTTPS configuration in IS administator guide

let me know if you have any concern.