Calling DSP with empty variable

Hello all,

I have service which allows to have empty string as input parameter.
When I try to invoke this service through dsp page I am not getting the same result as in developer.

Case is like that
input string variables are var 1 and var2
when I call it with dsp page I am getting *.dsp?var1=&var2= In this case I am getting empty page as result.
when I call with filled variables that result is the same.

How can I invoke service with empty variables as input?



Can you call the dsp without the variable names in the url (just *.dsp)?

You can also use an invoke command in the beginning of the page, rather than pass the variables in directly?

For example, when you do something (such as have a form input data), you have two text boxes with the names var1 and var2. Then set a hidden variable within the form to someVar. When the invoked dsp page loads, check for the hidden variable (someVar) and invoke a service. The values of var1 and var2 will be in the pipeline of the service that is invoked. This is how the webMethods Administrator DSPs are coded, and how I have always done them. You can see samples of this method inside most of the DPSs in the WmRoot package.

Does *.dsp?var1=‘’&var2=‘’ or *.dsp?var1=“”&var2=“” work?