Calling an Oracle Function from WebMethods


I am trying to use the following options to call an Oracle function from IS 10.1.

  1. Using Custom SQL.
  2. Calling it using StoredProcedure Template

But my problem is that the Oracle Function has more than 100 input parameters.

  • Though i don’t need to map all of those parameters. I still need to define them as inputs in the adapter service. Is there any alternative to it?

  • How are we supposed to define a BOOLEAN parameter as input ?

Thank you!


Please use StoredProcedureWithSignature adapter template for getting input parameters automatically fetched from SP.

Adapter template provides different options for handling the data types while mapping. Boolean can be transformed as per your need.


Thank You @Firoz
I have created a adapter service for SPWithSignature and i am trying to select the function Name after selecting “Procedure Name Pattern” as “All procedures”. However,this function is not listed there.Do we have to do something else?

Hi Divya,

Please refer the JDBC Adapter guide for details regarding SPwithSignature.

Also check if we have right privileges on DB for that SP to invoke. I believe Function/SP should show up if we have right privileges.

Else you can try to expose that Function as SP in oracle and give a try if that helps.

Other alternative is Custom SQL adapter template you can use the same if the above didn’t work.

Firoz N