I wish to invoke a Function in Oracle

I am using Entire Access to talk to Oracale and would like to invoke a Function defined in an Oracle package. I have been able to call a stored procedure uisng the following syntax

<< Begin
:U:parm1 ,
:U:parm2 ,
End ;

What is the ewuivalent for a function ?

Mike Brice

As far as I could find in the documentation, only stored procedures are supported, no functions. But there is a special statement for stored procedures; CALLDBPROC, which seems to be much more comfortable than PROCESS SQL.

Gyro Gearloose, Inventor.

I tried the CALLDBPROC statement and the SQL it generated clearly indicates that it can only invoke a stored procedure and not a function. This is a strange world, there is another tool I use that is happy invoking functions but can not deal with stored procedures and here with Natural I appear to have the inverse.

It really puzzles me that SAG miss things like this.

Thanks for the suggestion.