Calling a Webservice thru Soap_RPC Protocol problem

webservice package (14.4 k)

wsdl file
concatStrings.wsdl (2.4 k)

Hello All,
I am new to webServices.I am trying to invoke a webservice on my same machine.the webservice basically concats 2 strings.I generated the WSDL and the protocol is soap-RPC.When i run the webservice thru webservice connector on the same machine i am not able to see the output.could some one please help me out why i am not able to see the output while running the webservice connector.

I am attaching the packages containing the flow service exposed as a web service and webservice connector.i am also attaching the wsdl file.

Please help me out.



Your WebServices.flowServices:concatStrings service does not have anything declared on its output tab. The WSDL generated uses in the input and output declarations to build the messages in the WSDL. That’s why the concatStringsOutput tag in your WSDL is empty.


Thank You for your useful Info.Now it is working.This is the greatness of wmusers.

Thanks Once Again.