Calling a service flow with OR without a Transformer -> 2 different results


I’ve created a Service Flow SF1 that creates DocumentLists.
Now I’m using it inside another service flow SF2, with 2 methods :

1- SF2 calls SF1 inside a LOOP and SF1 is a step (drag&drop of SF1 in SF2)

2- SF2 calls SF1 inside a LOOP and SF1 is called from a TRANSFORMER (inside a MAP)

the goal is to populate a Document of SF1 with the DocumentList of SF2.

My question is very simple :slight_smile: : why these 2 methods does not give the same result ?
with 1/ all the occurences of SF1 list keeps the last reference of SF2 → (so bad result for me)
with 2/ all the occurences of SF2 are correctly populated with the SF2 Documents list → (so good result for me)


Posting your package code sample will help to assist you better. What you say?

Good catch, give a little time to re-produce the same at my side.



I have a doubt about your reply : you mean, you’ve succeeded to reproduce the same at your side ?


I have done your case1 which is giving me right result. Please make sure you have done proper mapping, right drops. Please share your code if possible.


there shouldn’t be any problem getting the data copied to the serviceFlow2 as per your explanation. As you are calling the SF2 inside a loop, double check the way you are dropping/mapping the variables.

Transformers and Service invocations works differently. Transformer will carry only what is required unlike a service invocation will carry the entire pipeline data.

Having said that, if you have two transformers and you noticed some wrong behavior while executing second transformer, this is a bug in 9.10 version. It has been already fixed and the official fix will be out by 30 Oct. If you are facing this problem you can create a support incident, and support engineers would provide you a preQA patch which is already available.


HI, thanks for your reply.
I will make you a test example of what I have described (maybe next week).