Calling a rest service in javascript in CAF

I explained : I have a portel (I will call for example portletTown). This is load in intialization Action by a soapService in the bindingView via the method getTown.

In this portlet, I have a field named Family wich is a dropdownList. We can choose the family among a familyList via the method getFamilies called in the initializationAction.

Until now I can do it.
Now each item of my dropdownlist are hypertext link. When I clicked on it, it openned a dialog box.

This I Can dot it thanks to the sample Code available in GithUb via the Trip Ticks & Code on this site. (It is called MFT_Controls project).

My dialog box open another Portel (portletFamily). This I can do it via the importTemplateView.

But this portlet show the following field :
This can be filled by the method GetFamily

But the difficulties is : it is when I clicked on the hypertext that open the dialogbox with the data of the item in combobox.

So for the getFamily methode, I choose a REST service in IS instead of SOAP (In Javascript it is easier to handle Json value thant a soap Enveloppe I guess).

I find a code (in this site), for AngularJS to provide a REST service : this url :

The only things is I dont know how to call the RestServiceProvider function : give the url, parameter or get the result.

For instance in the portletTown,

  • in the initialization action I called the action getTown as web service descriptor. I put the parameter getTown.getParameter.getFamilyTownName = “WINTERFELL”.
  • in the initialization action I called the methode getFamilies and that give as result
    • Stark
    • Lannister
    • Targaryen
  • In the drop down list of family in portletTown the value is Stark but the item list are filled with the resultat of getFamilies method.
  • Each item of the drop down list are hypertext.
  • As user I clicked on the Stark link.
  • That open the dialogbox with the portletFamily.
  • What I dont know how to process : I called a javascript (RestServiceProvider ?) who called the getFamily REST service with the following parameter as familyName : Stark.
  • Each field of my web service are filled with the result of getFamily method
    • Field FamilyName = “Stark”
    • Field FamilyColor = “Grey”
    • Field FamilyDictum = “Winter is coming”
    • Field FamilyEmblem = “a wolf”