Call Service From Portlet

When I invoke a service from a portlet, i’m not able to pass the input data from my portlet text button to the service.

A debug log which I have put at the start of the service shows that no value was passed as input when the service is invoked from the portlet.
Hence I always get the default result from the service into my portlet.

I’m not publishing the portlet to a MWS server, but using the MWS Preview server which comes in Designer.

I have re-checked that the input binding is proper.Yet the value is not passed to the invoked service via the webService call.

Am I missing something here or any other thing needs to be set.
I have also configured the webservice end point alias on the IS.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help.

For this cases I allways:

1- Drag & drop service from IS server view to the porlet, a webService connector is generated and I choose which fields to show/display in the porlet.

2- I never use preview server, it always gave me lots of headaches.

Good luck.

Thanks Dev, will keep your suggestion in mind.

I found what the issue was - I was using Designer7.1.2 and IS 7.1.1. When I installed IS 7.1.2, the webService calls worked fine and the input was passed to the IS Service correctly.