Call RFC by generate code

I have created in the administration, a map to a RFC.
In input of my rfc, I have a string field .
In output, I declare in the tag “Input/Output”, 2 recordlist.
When I test in the SAP BC Developper, the result is correct.
When I test with the Java code generate by SAP BCDevelopper, I have
************* Inputs *****************
BUKRS = 0014

************* Outputs *****************
serverName = DSS50D
$user = apicaud
BUKRS = 0014
$runtime = 20
$rfctime = 20
$encoding = ISO-8859-1
$call = false

I don’t understand why ?

If you are talking about the “extra” output values. Then …
Altought you have pre-declared the Output variables, webMethods service could still output variables that isn’t the variables that you had declared. To resolve this problem, you could make use of “scope” in your service.

  1. scoping to temp
  2. call the RFC
  3. map the wanted-variables out of temp scope

I forget in the declaration output of my service recordlist.
And now it’s correct.
I have modified my service to have the result in format in xml with a translation, it’s good. The server give the xls in the memory, and when I change the xsl, it’s mandatorry to modify the name of the file xsl.