call from Java Service to Flow Service

Sorry if it is not the correct forum
I need to take a call from Java Service to Flow Service.

public static final void pruebaFS ​​(pipeline iData) throws ServiceException {

IDataCursor pipeline.getCursor pipelineCursor = ();
String name = IDataUtil.getString (pipelineCursor, “in”);

IDataUtil.put (pipelineCursor, “out”, “OK”);
pipelineCursor.destroy ();

Within this code would have to call a flow service.
Could be done?


In order to invoke a webMethods service from within a java service, you would need to use one of the doInvoke (or doThreadInvoke) methods from the Service class.

Hope this helps



you can also try this way to call a flow service from java service.

IData out= context.invoke(“namespace”, “service name”, "input);
out : IData where does java store the output of the webMethods service.
namespace : The folder where do you store your service in the webmethods. (eg : “pub.flow”)

service name : Service name which will you call from java code.

input : IData input of the service that want tobe called.