Call flow service for each row of the inbox results

We want to add columns to the inbox that retrieve data from a database. To do this, we want to be able to call a flow for each row of the inbox, in order to get the data from the database and put it in a column. We have added a flow to the inbox results view and we assigned the value returned from it to a field in the column. The problem is the flow is only called once, not per row. How can we call a flow for each row of the inbox? Or if this is not possible, how can we implement the funcionality I described?

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In the java method for your web service connector there is a call similar to this one which is responsible for resolving properties of the bean:

resolveDataBinding(SUBMIT_LOAN_REQUEST_PROPERTY_BINDINGS, submit_Loan_Request, “submit_Loan_Request”, false, false)

Try setting second boolean parameter to true, it will force properties to be resolved each time this method is called. If set to false it is done once per request. Like this:

resolveDataBinding(SUBMIT_LOAN_REQUEST_PROPERTY_BINDINGS, submit_Loan_Request, “submit_Loan_Request”, true, false)

Here’s the JavaDocs:

Look for BaseFacesBean
protected boolean resolveDataBinding(String bindingExpressions,
Object bean,
String varName,
boolean forceResolve,
boolean cacheRightValues)


Worked perfectly. Thanks!