Call a webMethods service from a client

Hi All,

I would like to call a webMethods flow service From non webmehods environment.
I Generated client code using webMethods developer. It created a java file and readme file
Can any body explain me what is the procedure to call webMethods service from a client.
(where I need to copy tools.jar and classes.jar)


To invoke a WM service from a client application (Java/asp…)use the following syntax:


If you don’t want to use username and pwd while invoking a service ,then set the flowservice ACL to (Anonymous) upon your requirement.


RMG Thanks for your reply. My queston was execute java code(which has been created from webMethods Developer) from a command line.

Ex: I have a service in webMehods processReq.
From a client I would like to execute this one java processReq.

please elaborate your requirement.if below statement didnt work out…

inside the java service use
IData output = Service.doInvoke(folderName, serviceName, pipeline) for calling dynamically a flowservice.


pls Ignore my above posting,i dont think that is userful since you are using non webMethods client…

I have the same problem.
I have a file <service>.java and Readme.txt
When i want to generate my classe but in the readme file, I have

Make sure you have installed a fully functional JDK and have an
Integration Server running. Next, make sure that your classpath
consists of at least the following:

     [YOUR JDK DIR]/lib/[DEVELOPER DIR]/lib/client.jar:. 

I use the jdk 1.4 on HPUX11i 64bit and the is not in the lib. Also, I have no client.jar.
Do you know how generate my compilation ?

Hi iam new to webMethods and i would like to know can we invoke a service dynamically from another service.
I have few service like service1, service2, service3…service10
Now I have a gateway service. In this gateway service based on an element i am trying to invoke the service1 or service2 or so on.
I know that i can do a branch statement but here i want to know can i invoke the service dynamically
example : “service%number%”. This means if the “number” string or digit is 1 it invokes service1 or if "number’ element is 2 it should invoke service2 and so forth.
Instead of writing 10 sequences i want to invoke only one which calls the service dynamically…

If this is not clear please let me know and any suggestion would be really appreciate…

Please help me I need to solve it right away…

You can do it by creating a Java Service and using following method to invoke service dynamically:
Service.doInvoke(folderName, serviceName, pipeline)

In this method, you can pass serviceName at run time.