Call a Oracle PL/SQL from a Java service


I’m trying to call a specific PL/SQL but I have many problem with the StoredProcedureWithSignature Adapter.
So to deal more efficiently with my Proc (it has many OUT ARRAY parameters), I would like to call it within a Java service.

Could you please give me a Java code source example to call my PROC please ?
Of course, I would need first, the code for calling my existant JDBC connection.

Finally, if you could give me some links to Java examples or WebMethods Java implementing, I would appreciate it.


if you just would have some pages with code samples to recommand me it would be great. :wink:

Please go through below links:


thanks but my question was more oriented ARRAY within webMethods and webMethods JDBC connections : how to call an existent connection…
I’ve already coded a lot of java application which call PROC and FUNCTIONS ORACLE :slight_smile:

but looking and looking over the net, I’ve found this :


Gotcha. Is the sample available there serving your need.