CAF Web App: Can't provide the data from Table Content Provider as input for a web service

Good time of day, dear frieds!

I have the following problem with my CAF Web Application. I am trying to load a collection of datasets as an updatable table from a self-created web service. After the user had updated the datasets in the table, another web service should persist the udated sets in the database.

To allow manupulating the data in the table, I created a Basic Updatable Table Content Provider from the output of the first web service and changed the type of some controls from “text” to “text input”. This is working well: the needed data is loaded and the user can modify fields in the table. What I am going crazy about is that I cannot assign the data from the Table Content Provider as input parameters to another web service. The data structure of the output from the first web service and the input of the another is the same.

Does anyone know how to do it right?

Thanks for helping!

Hi Viktor,

Have you tried reading the data from providers source array and map it back to a tempory matching datatype.
And then loop over the temp array and map the desired fields to the input of the new WS.

I’d like to refresh this topic because it confuse me a lot.
webMethods v.9.12

I have two webservices: getData (from db), and updateData (in db), table on CAF page (user task) and content provider on this table.
Idea is simple: invoke getData webservice → bind results to content provider → bind content provider to table (value field).
Then user can add some comment to every record and click “Save in db” button.
After that: binding values from content provider → invoke updateData webservice (refresh() method) → save data to db

Of course there is a problem with binding getData output results to updateData input.
In both cases this is the same document type (doc contains document list).

Based on my previous experiences and information on page [url][/url] I think two solutions are common used.

  1. Type mapping by java code. But how to do it?
    Could you share any examples?

  2. Create WSD containing two flows. It’s guarantee that data will be the same type. It sound very well but not working in my Designer. When I try to drag and drop WSD to binding view a “New Web Service Client” wizard window is appearing. I have to choose Authentication Method = Basic and after click Next only one webservice is possible to select. When I try to repeat drag and drop for second method an error occur “Client with this name already exists”.
    The question is the same as higher - how to do it?