CAF - Refresh vs Action

Hi Everyone,

I have a small query where i want to refresh multiple components for one click operation.
There is a drop down and table which i want to refresh once i perform a click on a button.

I have two web service that populates drop down selection and table in the same portlet view, i have set the the auto refresh flag to true for both webservice in the managed bean. Now i want to refresh both these components at once.

Async button allows to perform one action at a time. But in the same button there is an option to refresh multiple contents by providing the control ID’s. This doesn’t seem to work for me. Any alternatives to do the same ?

This is what i have decided for now : to get the data for table and drop down from one single web service and refresh it with one action. Does this approach have any ill effects ? please advice.


Hi Kiran,

You can call both the webservices under one action. Create an action under bindings panel and write your logic to call both the webservices under it. Bind your Async Command Button to this custom action. I have used the option to refresh multiple contents by providing the control ID’s (comma separated) many times and it does work. You can try something else too. Move your Table under a block panel (just to act as a parent) and provide block panel id under refresh control id’s.

Could you please provide screenshot of the properties panel of Async Command Button to see how you are setting the ids?

Hi Prasad,

That’s something i will try, to call both web service in a single action. I did come to my mind but wanted to know if there is an easier way to do it. I will try this out this week.

Well I’m restricted to not share these information outside our network. But i can tell you the way i have set the ID’s

Ex: Refresh - defaultForm:asyncTable;defaultForm:htmlSelectOneMenu