CAF refresh problem for Info Message on a page


We have a problem in our application regarding the refresh of a page.

The actions that get executed from that page are the following:

  • click a button which opens a modal dialog
  • execute the action on the modal dialog (when pushing the button of the action the modal dialog is closed).
    When the execution of the action is successful we have to display an info message on the page.
    At the first execution of the action in that page, the message is displayed for about 1 second and then it disappears.
    When looking at this with the HttpSniffer we have observed that there are 3 POST(302) and 3 GET(200).
    If you execute the actions above again without changing the page, then the message is shown and it stays on the page (there are made only one POST and one GET)

We have looked at the code and we did not discover any refresh action that could cause this.

Has anyone had a similar problem? What was the solution?

Could you please have a look at the attached example? I think it implements the use case you are describing.

–mark (8.85 KB)