CAF Error.


I’m new in the Webmethods CAF development and i went through one of the CAF tutorial videos from SAG.

In that there was a simple example where we just drag the WSDL of our service from the IS package tab to the view and the system automatically generates the UI with Input, output parameters and refresh button to get the output.

I’m getting the below error when i click refresh after providing the input parameters. Anybody knows how to get this working ?


POST /asa/default.view

jsf:disjointForm = osS01LCiqit4h1vvV3HufbX/QL4nv4hc73kPrN7d2RU=
jsf:disjointForm:htmlInputText = com.webmethods.caf.wsclient.ikea.xmltest_wsd.IKEAXmltest_WSDStub$Xmltest@f1a42d2
javax.faces.ViewState = …
__forms = jsf:disjointForm
__fc = jsf:disjointForm:button
__vf = jsf:disjointForm
hiddenRequest = true
shell = shell.blank
replaceForNextUrl = hiddenRequest=&shell=&layout=&portlet=

403 Forbidden

403 !role

!role (403)

The requested URL /asa/default.view resulted in an error.



Hi Kiran,

please provide your MWS version.

One place to check:

MWS SysAdmin portal:
Under Folders -> System -> Portlets -> check the Tools Menu for Permissions.

Please add “View Only” to the User/Group/Role your are running the Portlet with.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your quick reply.
I should have mentioned this in the beginning itself. Im using Wm9.5 version.

Im building a web application it is not a portlet, so i’m not getting this option in the MWS console.

Now i tried to build a portlet application and made the changes you suggested and got he below error !

Error: com/webmethods/portal/webservices/wss/WSStackClientInitializer


The 403 error means that the current user isn’t a member of the role that the in the web.xml has defined as required for access to that page.

Hi Eric,

I was trying to create a web service connector from my the IS service in a web application project. In this case i get the 403 error.
In the web.xml the role node is *. should i be creating a role and update here ? im using the Administrator user.

But the same if i try to create a portlet project and then create a portlet it seems to work without any issues.

Not sure why it doesnt work in web application.


I don’t recall off the top of my head what the exact behavior was in 9.5

But for standard container managed security, * in auth-contraint in web.xml files does not mean any role, it actually means any role that is declared in the web.xml file with a myrole element. This is the correct behavior as specified by the servlet specification.

Unfortunately, earlier versions of CAF have incorrectly used the * auth constraint to indicate any user that has been authenticated (i.e. not anonymous). I believe this was corrected in MWS/CAF 9.8.

You could try changing * to Everyone or some other existing role name in your MWS instance to see if that works better for you.